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my clothing is made in redfern, sydney, by a small team of skilled pattern-makers and sewers. i am proud to be supporting the local australian textile industry and i believe that it is important to know where and how your clothes are made. for me, the higher cost of making is worth the knowledge that i am employing people who work in excellent conditions and are paid fairly. my clothes are designed and made to last. please check out the video below to get a glimpse into the making process.  



my printed silk is sourced from china and digitally-printed in alexandria, sydney. digital printing uses less water than conventional dyeing and helps to reduce waste, as i only print the fabric that i will need. silk is a natural fibre with a low environmental footprint.  

Caring for your garment:

All of my printed textiles are digitally-printed on 100% silk.

Please take special care of your item or it will pull.

Gently hand wash in cold water with mild soap.

Gently squeeze to remove excess water and hang to dry.

Iron while still slightly damp on reverse side at low temperature. 

Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not soak.


linen is the strongest natural fibre and is derived from the flax plant. it is grown with little or no fertilizer and multiple byproducts (such as flaxseed oil) can be created from the plant, so nothing is wasted. the linen used in my garments is grown in lithuania.


hemp is an environmentally friendly crop which requires no pesticides or herbicides. hemp is an excellent rotation crop; it crowds out weeds and its deep roots break up hard soils, enriching soil and preventing erosion. it is also extremely water-efficient. the hemp fibres are processed by peeling and beating the bark by machine and using natural enzymes to break it down, so there are no chemicals involved in the process. the hemp in my garments is grown on farms in the middle or north of china (henan, shanxi, gansu, heilongjiang province) and is manufactured in china.


tencel (aka lyocell) is a natural fabric made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees which are grown in sustainable forests (no old growth forests, gmo, irrigation or pesticides are used). it uses 100 times less water in its production that conventional cotton, and is produced in a transparent, closed-loop system as 99.5% of the non-toxic solvent used to produce the fibre is recovered, and the remainder is decomposed in biological purification plants. it is also naturally anti-bacterial.


the dyes used on my linen / hemp / tencel fabrics are all procion low impact, fibre reactive dyes. these dyes are non-toxic and eco-friendly, requiring only low temperature water processing and only salt and soda ash as auxiliary agents. the white fabrics have been semi-bleached using oxygen instead of chlorine. the dyeing factories have certificates for safe water drainage and disposal of waste products.


all of my packaging is printed locally on 100% recycled paper and my business cards are made from 100% recycled cotton sourced from fashion industry offcuts & waste. i also use offcuts and excess fabric from the production process in my packaging.

all orders from are posted in plastic-free 100% compostable/biodegradable post bags.