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Equinox is the result of two months in the north of Iceland. 

It is the documentation of the changing seasons; the refraction of light cast by a low-lying sun; the cyclical and invisible forces that shape our surroundings and our perceptions. 

It is a lasting record of the ephemeral; an ode to fragility; a celebration of vibrance in decay, of intricacy, simplicity and subtlety.

It is cold wind, cold air, cold water, cold hands. Black coffee, red hills, red wine, white snow. 

It is the capture of lazy morning light as it crawls reluctantly into the room and the release of a warm breath floating visible in the air. 

A reaction to the hyperawareness brought on by isolation and an invitation to revel in the finest of details.

photography by anne peeters

hair + makeup by veronika moreira

shoes by bb shoemaker

underwear by NICO

location by angus wirth